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Friday, 5 August 2011

I'm freee!

So after my last post I ended up in the LCH. It was the usual round of IVs, aminophylline infusion, intense physio, NG feeding, countless blood tests and lung functions. My lung func when I went in was the lowest it had ever been 34% but getting on top of this infection early meant I started to feel better quite quickly and my lung func quickly increased with all the IVs.

While I was in my cortisol levels came back as quite low which could explain my extreme fatigue, they have taken some more bloods to check them and hopefully I will get them back when I next go to clinic,they were also checking my iron and thyroid levels. On discharge my lung function was 48%, so big improvement. I have been having huge problems with my sinuses so a CT was also done and showed my sinuses were very blocked and full of gunk as well as polyps. So surgery is on the horizon, just waiting for an appointment with ENT. My x ray was a bit dodgy so kinda glad I went in early, my BP also played up and was constantly low, could be due to dehydration or a side effect of having low cortisol levels. I just want my fatigue sorted out as its very disabling and annoying!
Going to be trialing a new sinus nebuliser, hopefully this will help the sinuses a tad. Whilst doing that they are going to trial bramitob and see how I do with that.

Was kept busy in hospital by my bestest Clare sending me a thoughtful gift of crafty bits, she usually comes to see me twice a week but was staying with her nan the whole admission in oxford shire so couldn't come see me. Clare is like my sister and the best friend i will ever ever have, we met in hospital 12 years ago and have been inseparable ever since, we even lived together for about a year. She is the only friend i have who really understands how lonely it can get in hospital looking at the same 4 walls everyday so she always makes sure im occupied, she as well as my family are the only people to come and see me or send me a get well card, it seems silly but just a card of recognition can really brighten your day in there. Small gestures can often be the biggest :)

I'm so glad to be home, I have Booked a holiday today to feurteventra for January, its always a depressing month so nice to have some fun things to look forward to!

Got to try and keep very well, lots of things coming up! My birthday, various friends birthdays, crimbo and now the holiday! So no germys please!

Anyway dinner time :)
Till next time x