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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Christmas :)

So today is christmas and things are fantastic

I'm currently sat at my dads house having a sit down after opening all our presents, and there were so many, we have all been spoilt rotton!!
I writing this blog on my new keyboard for ipad that sara and ben brought for me, much easier to write with :)

Our festive celebrations started yesterday at sara and bens house for our traditional hot pork and apple  sandwiches, hot buffet and drinks. This year i baked 24 mini Victoria sponges which went down quite well, everyone said how light and spongy they were so i was happy :)

Today me and tom woke up, had a cup of tea and prepped the turkey then opened our presents.
Dinner is always at my dads so i cook the turkey at home, ben does the beef at his house then we all meet at dads to open the presents to each other and cook the potatoes and veg.

Im finding recently that adrenalin seems to keep me going through things, I seem to switch on autopilot then crash after the event, which is what happened with the fundraiser. It took me a good week to recover then the christmas prep started.
Me and tom are at his parents in kent for Boxing Day and im sure that once the 27th has arrived ill be ready for a rest.
As time goes on i am finding that im learning to listen to my body slightly better.
Yesterday after i was on my feet for a while baking i was tired out so instead of pushng on, i lay down for a while for my body to recoup before the evening.
Same as today, usually im head chef, well at least i like to think i am, much to ben and my dads annoyance, we all like to think we know best ;) I cooked the turkey this morning and now i am resting and actually allowing someone else in the kitchen for once, yes i can admit im a kitchen bully!!! However im sure the meal will still be lovely without my interference haha.

To say a few long days on a trot isnt hard would be a lie, but i want to do exactly what everyone else is doing today, be happy, feast on food, watch films, be with my family and take lots of photos for my memory books.
I am a real sentimental old fool and the gifts that mean the most to me are usually the ones that cost the least, yet have the most value to heart. 
Photo albums already full of pictures, notes, ticket stubs etc. Sara and ben obiously knowing that and knowing me so well have bought me a large "family" photo frame and have filled it with pictures of the family, i think i can say thats actually my favourite gift :) thats not saying of course that/i dont love the clothes, bag, shoes, perfume, smellies or anything else for that matter, i have been truly spoilt.

Days like today really make you value what you have and who you have, and i have the best family anyone could ask for.

“Gratitude means to recognize the good in your life, be thankful for whatever you have, some people may not even have one of those things you consider precious to you (love, family, friends etc). Each day give thanks for the gift of life.You are blessed” 
― Pablo

Merry Christmas Everybody

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