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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Is happiness the key to success??

A question i have often asked myself.

Now i hate to be completly mooshy, but it seems in my case happiness is the key.

I am currently sat in an outpatient clinic with my team and im getting consant remarks on how well and happy i look.

I have colour in my cheeks, a few extra pounds on me, and low and behold, just blown the best lung function i have in over a year! 41%

I have always been more than honest with my team on my adherence to treatments as well as how easy or tough i am finding them, so it was no shock to them to hear im still having troubles with the twice daily antibiotic nebulisers.
For years i have tried to find the reason why i find them difficult, yet taking the other 3 daily nebulisers and 2 inhalers a breeze. Although still a mystery to us all, they were pleased to hear my general activity levels have improved. 
When you feel ill, are unemployed, lonely during the day and bored of the constant struggle and upkeep of the daily treatment regime its far to easy to roll over and go back to sleep. Sleep allows you to forget things for a while, a peacful place where Cystic Fibrosis seems to not exist anymore.
Yet however at peace you feel there is, somewhere, in the subconcious is an awareness of what you are doing to your body, starving itof nyutients, vital treatments even daylight, and that peace is soon shattered once you wake t find yourself feeling worse than when you initially layed down. Chest heavy with sputum, stomach rumbling through hunger, body weak and tired frm lack of vitamins and dehydration.
Unfortunately this is how i was for a long time. But thanks to a lifestyle change and meeting somebdy i can honestly say is my soulmate my life has taken an amazing turn. A turn for the better.

When you have somebody in your life that is able to make you see that there is more to life than hospital beds and ill health its amazing how it can change your mindset. I have plans i want to achieve with tom, we want to buy our house, go on holidays and experience life together.

Although cf will always be there, it does feel it is a smaller part of me as apposed to ALL of me.
This is clinically, the wellest i have been in 18 months. I have managed to not only reach my goal lung function of 40% i have beat it.

I started this blog last wednesday whilst i was in clinic. The discussion of allergy testing was bought up as a drug i was thought to have previously reacted to is something my team are extremely keen to restart. Well actually there not entirely sure it was this drug, it is believed to have been another i was taking at the same time time, and statistically the drug they now wish me to have is one that you are less likely to react too. The drug in question is one called colomycin and although its "an old drug" that was developed years ago it is still oone of the best on the market for the particular infection i have, so we are all keen to restart it as it coukd boost my lung function even further. Today is the test, and im just sat waiting to be seen so fingers crossed, should the testing go to plan i will be restarted on it next week.
Also i needed a follow up blood test as my resukts foor my vitamin a&d was very low despite being on 4 supplemental tablets a day. Having good levels of these vitamins is essential in CF as they can not be absorbed through diet alone. They help maintain good bone health, which is very much needed as cf also affects bone density, resulting in arthritis, osteoparosis and broken bones.

Apart from that, all is well, so fingers crossed for good results today 


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