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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

A bad day

Feeling slightly frustrated today. 
My health has took a turn in the night and today iv been left dealing with the effects of it.

I had my flu and pneumonia jabs just over 3 weeks ago, and every year I suffer the side affects. But this year was quite a lot worse due to having the pneumonia one as well as the flu, pneumonia is evey ten years. As expected I felt groggy for a few days, no surprises as they actually introduce to flu to your system in a controlled way so the jab actually knows what it should be fighting against.

After a few days my chest seemed to start feeling quite grumbly, so I done the usual routine, of increased nebulisers and bumped physio up by a session a day. As well as an oral antibiotic.
As the days passed I wasn't sure if how I was feeling was due to the jabs or infact an infection brewing, being stubborn I thought lets stick it out see if I improve. some days I felt ok, I'd do things fairly at ease, well at ease for me, and the next I'd be feeling truly awful spiking temperatures.

I woke up yesterday morning feeling very lethargic, almost like I was hungover. I managed to get up and do some ironing, even prepared the dinner. But as the hours past my limbs were becoming increasingly heavy and a really dull headache had developed, not a majorly painful one, just a niggling one that you can feel as you move your eyes or head.
I managed to eat dinner, then a short while after, my head felt like it had been smashed repeatedly with a bat, I felt like I'd been in a fight. So a little after 8 pm I climbed in to bed, fell asleep in an instant and stayed that way until 2am when the pain in my head woke me up. 

Now I don't know how to even describe this headache, my skull felt bruised and the fluid inside was causing painful pressure. I needed to get up to get some painkillers but I couldn't lift my head from the pillow, it was like a lead weight pinned to the pillow. I noticed that I felt extremely cold but was dripping head to toe in sweat, my hair clinging to my forehead, I just couldn't move. It took me around ten minutes to sit on the edge of the bed, the weight of my head feeling like it was going to topple of my shoulders, I managed to walk in a very drunk like haze to the medication room, I grabbed for 2 painkillers, paracetamol and diclofenic.
I went to the bathroom to get some water and sickness rushed over me so I emptied the contents of my stomach in to the toilet, my head feeling worse with evey wretch. I sat on the bathroom floor shivery but sweating, I wiped myself down with a flannel managed to take my tablets, settle my breathing and get back to bed, although extremely breathless I actually managed to dose straight back off, I'd wake briefly every hour or so still with a thumping head but managed to dose of each time.

A disturbed sleep, sickness and pain left me feeling even worse for wear when I woke up with Tom this morning, I told him I wanted to have a bit more sleep and filled him in on the night, he was furious I didn't wake him, but there really is no point in my eyes, he couldn't have done anything and I hate when I disturb him because he works such long hours.
Well luck would have it that he was actually of work this morning as he had a drs appointment himself, so once he'd been to that, he come back got me settled, gave me all the medication I needed, an essential cup of tea :)
He went of to work and I proceeded to fall in to a deep sleep. Waking only at 4pm, again due to a headache and extremely aggravated chest and sweating. 
The time is now 6.20 and I have had a much stronger painkiller called tramadol. hopefully it will ease the pain in my head and chest but it will knock me out again as it makes you very drowsy. so im guessing sleep wont be to far away again. I am waiting for Tom to get home from work, and I know I must eat but when you feel so ill food is always furthest from my mind.
I hate days that are completely spent in bed, it makes me feel extremely depressed and honestly slightly worthless.

Going back some time, I had an anaphylactic shock to an IV (intravenous antibiotic) and have been waiting many many months to have controlled testing at the hospital to see if it was a 'true reaction' my appointment is scheduled for tomorrow the 16th at my usual hospital, the London chest.
I am going to attend but I very much doubt it will actually go ahead, as when its done you need to be what they class as 'well' because if your poorly your immune response is different, making the testing unsafe, I guess it will be down to them weather they go ahead. But I will see my team whilst I'm there and am quite sure they will want to intravenous antibiotic treatment now that my chest has declined and I have temperatures so high I feel delirious.

It has been 7 weeks since my last course so im definitely due, but I always like to see how long my body can cope without the stronger treatments, it's almost like a game I play with myself.
Tomorrow will give me an answer, so I will update again then
Till then....x

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